Common Scottish phrase for small stones usually of an ideal size to throw. Commonly used to describe the stones used in drive ways and gardens.
If you want a low maintenance garden then put some chuckies down.
by Hobsie November 16, 2010
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Scottish word for testicles. The term is extrapilated from the term "chuckie stanes" which in English, means "Throwing stones" meaning small stones suitable for throwing or firing from a catapult.
There's nothing worse that a boot in the chuckies!
by Kennie J Young July 21, 2008
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When you are playing a shooting game and shoot some one until a sliver of health is left, then your teammate finishes them off and claims the kill.
We were playing PubG and my buddy chuckied me.
by Stoodisorwat May 5, 2019
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He's either an evil good guy doll or that lame kid from rugrats.
Chucky is a bag of fun. :D
by Jimmy_kimmell May 31, 2005
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English slang C20th. pet term for a loved one or close friend.
Hello Chuckie, I love you.
by A Thomas April 5, 2005
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The evil little doll in those 'Chucky' movies. see Lars Ulrich
Lars Ulrich is teh Chucky.
by OH NO,I'm GONNA GET SUED November 23, 2004
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Another slang term for vagina.
"Preston told me that he could see my chuckie when I was wearing my Daisy Dukes."
by Angelin Nicole February 24, 2010
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