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The act of repeatedly tapping the Y button on the Xbox 360 controller while playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 so that the character looks as though he were dead while laying down, creating surprise when you shank unsuspecting opponents. Works especially well with Ninja Pro and Coldblooded Pro.
I was Chuck Norrising in the brush so that i could have a beautiful killcam and shank the last man standing.
by S3ANR4D July 27, 2010
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The act of sharing Chuck Norris jokes with friends, family, etc...
Herb: According to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Chuck Norris can actually kick you YESTERDAY.

Samuel: Chuck Norris can speak Braille

Julie: OK group, stop Chuck Norris-ing, we need to get back to work on our project.
by The Herb and Company April 19, 2006
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When one is forced out of a circle our group. When you are excluded outside of the circle of friends that is talking. You seem uncool and unpopular when this happens.
Hey yall' let me into the circle you are Chuck Norrising me!
by McBeth Happycheeks June 27, 2011
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