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-Krystle love's a good time, she is ALWAYS happy and tends to get annoyed at her sibling's but never shows it on the outside. Krystle can be very cheeky but in a cute way. Her personality is overwhelming, humble, and she has an amazing sense of humour. She is insanely beautiful but does not brag about it; Krystle can be very seductive when she want's to be, her kiss can put a spell on any boy (single or not) and her tactics in bed are more of a tease but when she get's going, boy's can't get enough.

-Brilliant glass
"Wow! She's definetly a Krystle"
by Petricia Stables March 29, 2011
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Very understanding
Friendly and humanitarian
Attractive Personality
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual
Extremely great dancer ;)
One of the best persons to have around, hands down.

-Flipside can be unemotional & detached & unpredictable

A lot of people hate on her because they have their own issues. She will not settle till she has found that special someone, has her radar set strictly to attracting a quality partner who shares her ommitment level and integrity. Losers and players need not apply. Think she has good luck but what she has is MOXIE ;)
Krystle-she's an old soul...

Krystle is going out with who??

I love that girl.....(Krystle)

I can talk to her about anything & know I can confide in her...
by Justgotreal2013 January 07, 2013
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A Name with the Meaning of Clear or Obvious.

Also means Stongly Insightful, but unable to Project Clearly. (a)

Usually beautiful, but completely unaware of self Beauty.

Moves quick from lover to lover.
(a) ex. The light shining through a crystal gem is touching, but not ever the same pattern.

"Didn't Krystle just dump whats-his-name?"

"Yeah, but she only did it cuz dunno-his-name is a better guy."

by Amanda Frenton September 18, 2008
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1) Name meaning glass
2) associated with "pretty bitches" aka Dynasty
3) known Krystles include Krystle Carrington of Dynasty, Kansas City songwriter singer Krystle Warren, Krystle Jones, Krystle perfume, conservative political figure Krystle Russin
"Krystle totally hates her character"
by Sarah Springfield July 03, 2006
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