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Enviroment friendly persons who enjoy the outdoors by hiking, sport climbing, mountain biking, river rafting etc. They usually have healthy eating habbits, and are known to wear functional yet expensive clothing unlike neo hippies. Also, chrunchies are aware of personal hygene, bathe often, shave, and won't be found sporting dreds, which seperate them once again from neo hippies and granolas. Could possibly be classified as a Yuppie, but they are less concerned with the ever changing fashion trends, and live more relaxed lifestyles.
"See the guy with the Chaco sun tan, stubble on his face, sporting the North Face jacket, riding his K2 bike powered by his superfood brownie? That my friend, is a chrunchie".
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Defined by having caracteristics of granola and brikenstocks. Individuals who neglect their hygene to live in a state of being connected to mother earth.
"Their are many crunchies in Portland. I see them walking in the woods without shoes on all the time."
by Sam and Rach February 14, 2004
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