refers to any sexual act taking place on an inflatable mattress
Hey dude, last weekend I went river rafting with a chick at Justin's apartment. FY
by Justin Brown June 6, 2007
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A man ejaculates into his partner's nose while the partner is inhaling the semen, almost like when you have a runny nose and you are hocking up a loogie but instead of spitting it out the partner swallows the sperm when they feel it slowly running down the back of their throat.
by Schweezie_F_baBY September 18, 2010
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Woozy river rafting is what dvbbs does at concerts

the crowd surf on a pool raft-- it's awesome
"Dude did you see dvbbs woozy river rafting? They better do that at every concert"
by woozyrider November 21, 2012
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The act of putting one's penis into a loose woman on her period.
Even though Levi's girlfriend was on her period, he decided to go Red River Rafting and plunged into that pussy.
by KING KOONCE February 9, 2013
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ex- i went red river rafting with Marina last night, it was nasty!
by W i g g l e s March 24, 2007
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Mormon "Soaking" with someone jumping in the bed. So it's not against the gospel.
John and Sarah did some provo river rafting last night. I'm glad they are waiting for marriage to have sex
by Mbop May 10, 2023
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