The act of a woman shoving a man's head between her breasts and shaking them. Originates from an episode of Seinfeld in which Elaine sent out Christmas cards with out knowing her breast had fallen out of her shirt in the picture. George complains that he had never recieved one, and Elaine procedes to give him a Christmas card.
"You want a Christmas Card? I'll give you a Christmas Card...."
by anonymousluser September 10, 2005
When the only contact you have with someone is at Christmas, or another time of year when you send or receive cards.
Person 1: Hey John sent me a Christmas card
Person 2: What ever happened to him?
Person 1: I don't know i haven't heard from him since last time he sent me a card.
Person 2: Down to Christmas card terms then.
by RichUncleSkeleton June 17, 2009
A Christmas Card Friend is someone you never hear from except for the Christmas card that shows up in your mailbox every December.
I never hear from Joe anymore except when I receive his holiday card in the mail. He's become a total Christmas Card Friend.
by LJ at BBCD September 2, 2012
When you've decided you want to decrease the number of Christmas cards you send out every year, so you decide to send cards only to people who send you one first. However, this can backfire if someone on your potential list is using the same tactics. This results in a standoff and ultimately no card exchange between the two of you. This does help solve the original problem, though.
I decided to play Christmas Card Chicken with my second cousin Jennifer, because I didn't want to waste a stamp on her unless I get a card from her first. However, I haven't gotten one from her, so she's probably waiting to get one from me first. I guess we can just be facebook friends instead.
by Skinnygirl December 5, 2009
A Christmas card you only receive because you first sent a Christmas card to the sender and the sender has now been guilted into sending a card to you. Boomerang Christmas cards often arrive after Christmas has already passed.
You received a Christmas card from the Collins family - wow, that's impressive!" "No biggie, it's just a Boomerang Christmas Card because they received our card last week.
by IndySparkPlug January 4, 2011
A person who sends you a Christmas card, or the person who you have received a Christmas card from, after Christmas.
I got a Christmas Card from Bob today, and its December 30th! He is a Christmas Card Tard!
by EvanMileus March 9, 2008
The holiday card sent out only to the most elite and profound individuals by the Kachavi.
Housewife 1: I was surprised to receive a Christmas card from the Kachavi, the card this year is in great taste too.
Housewife 2: Really? I didn't get a card.
Housewife 1: Oh, you didn't make the mailing list?

Housewife 2: It appears not.
Housewife 1: Well you know, only the most prestigious recieve The Kachavos Christmas Card.
by Jerry Seinfeld's Porsche December 17, 2019