The religion founded during the first century of Jesus of Nazareth (aka Jesus the Christ, Jesus Christ). A religion manipulated by conservatives to get more votes by thumping bibles on moral issues but ignoring the command to take care of the poor and vulnerable.
Most of these right wing people have their own brand of Christianity, better known as Republican Christianity.
by jesster79 March 16, 2005
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A pyramid scheme based on a philosophy that was fairly progressive 2000 years ago. It has been rendered obsolete by modern scientific understanding largely due to its inability to resolve its inconsistencies through intelligently-applied critical thinking. It now serves as a means of deterring social and political advancement and as a tax on the gullible.
The christian-controlled majority in congress voted to withdraw federal funds to help support financially disadvantaged infants, reminding the public that the babies will go to heaven.
by Who, me? August 16, 2003
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A popular religion founded by a pacifist proto-socialist who promoted social justice, tolerance, and peace. Jesus Christ was a remarkably liberal man for his time, accepting prostitutes and murderers, among others, into his group. Unfortunately corrupted over the years, some branches of Christianity now seem to promote the opposite of the religion's founding aims, drawing on the works of St Paul, an evangelist who lived 50 years after the death of Jesus Christ. These sects of Christianity reverently follow Paul's interpretation, but refuse to accept any more modern interpretations of Christ's life.

Nevertheless, most mainstream Christians, (that is mainstream in the European sense, not the American sense) continue to try to fulfill the original aims of the religion. Please don't judge Christianity on a few mad sects in America and a old-fashioned German pope. Despite getting the most media coverage, they do not accurately represent Christianity and most Christians.
Archbishop Rowan Williams, Cardinal Hume and Mother Teresa are all people who try/tried to follow true Christianity.
by haardvark April 11, 2006
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A religion which has only ever had one real practitioner. However, it does have billions of other would-be practitioners who fall far, far short of the standard and often miss the point entirely.
"Jesus is my Lord and Savior. And if He were alive today, I would crucify him for the ultra-liberal, socialist, hippie, pansy-pacifist that He is."
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A really cool religion, because if you follow it then you can go around raping, beating, and killing people, and as long as you confess your sins at the end of the day and repent you'll go to heaven!!!!!
I masturbate fifteen times a day, but I'm going to heaven because I tell God that I love him after I'm done!
by 5th column May 04, 2003
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