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A pyramid scheme based on a philosophy that was fairly progressive 2000 years ago. It has been rendered obsolete by modern scientific understanding largely due to its inability to resolve its inconsistencies through intelligently-applied critical thinking. It now serves as a means of deterring social and political advancement and as a tax on the gullible.
The christian-controlled majority in congress voted to withdraw federal funds to help support financially disadvantaged infants, reminding the public that the babies will go to heaven.
by Who, me? August 17, 2003
The early 21st century drug of choice. A shared illusion, making its addicts think they have friends, a life, access to good information, and the critical thinking skills to form valid opinions. Fatal in large doses.
Paul spent the day eating Cheetos and watching Television, then had a light heart attack in the evening.
by Who, me? August 18, 2003
A variety of Marijuana grown primarily in Meigs County, Ohio. Perhaps the region's primary source of income, it is generally considered to be of fairly good quality, inexpensive, and plentiful. Were marijuana legal, Meigs Gold would be sold at Sam's Club.
After he switched from Maui to Meigs, Todd found he could make his house payments and have a little left over at the end of the month.
by Who, me? August 17, 2003
A means for the illiterate to acquire political opinions. Talk radio operates on the philosophy that a person should choose a side in political debates (usually either 'staunchly liberal' or 'staunchly conservative'), then incorporate that side into their personal identity. This frees them of the need to submit to bothersome processes like thinking for themselves.

Talk show enthusiasts can be identified by their dogmatism and easily excited sense of self-righteoous indignation.
Paul the burger flipper learned everything he knows from talk radio.
by Who, me? August 18, 2003
University in Columbus, Ohio. Aside from the distractions posed by its violent, ghetto atmosphere, it is actually possible to get a fairly good education from OSU. It offers a fairly wide spectrum of curriculum choices, and used to have some of the best professors around. (The quality of their professors is, sadly, degrading over time.) They also have a pretty good football program, for those with nothing better to do.
We're going to OSU to help the Buckeye fans beat the living hell out of the Michigan fans. Wanna come along?
by Who, me? August 17, 2003
Rust-belt state whose inhabitants are almost dead-center average in any demographic category you can name. Formerly known for its industry, it is now failingly attempting to become a technological center. Its drivers are among the worst in America, with the exception of southeastern Ohio, where nobody can afford cars. Ohio is where most improvements in aviation originate, in large part because Ohioans are sick of hearing how tedious it is to DRIVE through such a little state.
While driving through Ohio, we witnessed four vehicular homicides and swore to take a plane next time.
by Who, me? August 17, 2003
1) An antisocial hotty with a body. Too mellow to create or get lost in drama. Athletic/a gymnast, smart/wise, creative, open-minded, and hott; ideal. Also: silly, caring, considerate, daring, polite; liked by everybody.
2) A creative fiend, artsy, a thinker; is frustrating to others who don't understand her and/or can't get "with her."
3) Has a frightening willigness to attempt to make chloroform, despite not understanding the chemistry
4) Designs sexy themed lingerie and is damn good at it. Eg: Tennis, Dutch, hiphop, etc...
-Damn. she so crazy. and I can't understand her
-but she's hot, and imagine the gymnastic possibilities
-Damn. ::sigh:: the quandry that is crazy cathie
by Who, me? February 14, 2005