The most well rounded and talented guy you'll ever meet. Great at so many things, incredibly nice, and extremely passionate. He loves to joke around, but will be the most serious person in the room if the situation requires. He also enjoys taking charge of situations to make them as successful as possible.
Girl: I have no idea how to answer this question

Guy: Go ask Derick. He'll be happy to help and I'm sure he knows the answer.
by FlumpyDump September 2, 2020
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A Derick is a nice but serious guy, he different and uniqe compared to others. He doesnt smile often but when he does it makes everyone in the room feel happy. He is a very smart and intellegent guy. He can be a loner but will warm up to you over time.
Girl: hey is that derick?

Other girl: yea i think so, we should go talk to him he seems kinda lonely
by My name is real ya know March 23, 2019
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Derick' s are an absolute pain in the ass but they are extremely loving and will do anything for the ones they care about. They made me assholes sometimes but they've always got your back. They have are really great in bed. You've got to get yourself a derick because at the end of the day they're the ones you want to spend your life with.
Person: Wow, Derick is so great! He helped me with my homework.
by Madi2424 January 11, 2018
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A chad who also goes by 'De Rick Johnson'
Derick is on a road
by Illyathedude January 26, 2022
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the cutest boy in the entire world worth giving the entire world to and for. there is nothing is no one better.
by shadowcloneaxb October 27, 2008
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A guy name Derick is someone is likely to forget your birthday. And not love you but overall a good person. Always smoked out. He will break your heart not once not twice but three times but will be sorry and you have to forgive him for his stupidness. But you should always love a Derick even when he forgets your birthday or even when hes smoked out hes still cute.
Is that derick?

Yeah hes smoked out
by 1takejay January 7, 2021
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Possibly the greatest thing created by god him self, aka gods child
Boy:Hey did you here about derick
Boy:I heard he ended world hunger
by derick lopez January 21, 2009
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