A "Hession", or somebody who arrives at a social event dressed too formally for the occasion. At length this person can become very aware of this extravagance and indulgence and consequently become very insecure.
Check out the "Hession", he is wearing a freaking tux to a barbecue!! How overdressed can you get!!!?!?!
by Evil restraunter January 12, 2011
To arrive at a party more fucked up than anyone already there
We smoked a bowl in the car, and when we got there we realized no one at the party was high except us, and had no idea we were overdressed.
by classymothefuckeh July 14, 2010
'Shit man did you see her give him an Overdressed Andy!?'

'In her defense, they were at a funeral'
by CrickerCrocker1000 July 7, 2012