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Bastardized verbal offshoot of Choob, which denotes a High Level Noob (generally, really lame Hi-Lvl Offensive Choob, Zero Def Chumpleteers).

Said as: Choob-luh-teer

Choob was originally coined by Frog_Stomper during a Runescape fishing trip in Karamja, during the usual Level Up sessions.

"Choobleteer" was later coined as an add on to the general douchebaggery found in the Wildy (pre-current RS lameness) when actual HIGH LEVEL Players would go out to mine, and really lame, Zero-Def Choobs would show up in groups to gangbang and do 'Tard-By's on unsuspecting people.

(During the good old days of Auto-Miners)

Evidently, unknown to Frog_Stomper, Choob has become defined in the Urban Dictionary.

See also: Chooblet(s), Chumpleteer(s)

Used primarily for denotion of "ghey" or choob groups in the old RS Wildy.
Like the 3 "Musketeers", except the stupid low-def versions running in packs with no actual skills.

All coined prior to heavy text/chat filters in use in RS now, but used primarily to replace basic cursing of opponents, or general retarded douchebaggery.
Choobleteers- Dude, we went mining at the addy rocks way past 16 Wildy, and a bunch of Zero Def. Choobleteers did a 'tard-by on us. Good thing, I only lost an Addy pick.

Chumpleteers- Man, did you see those freaktards gangbang that Choob mage? Run you moron, they are coming after is like watching a gang of stupid monkeys chase a hot dog I threw down a hallway.......

Choob- Dude, you are a Zero Def. Choob, the only thing you are good for is me beating on you, and watching you get 'Tard-Pooned by other Chooblets.
by TheBigGiz August 22, 2008
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