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A female choob, so just like a choob except with no genitals.
Guy - What a choob...
Guy #2 - Nah, I think its a chooblet.
by The Koaladude September 10, 2005
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The worst form of a noob. Often used in gaming. Someone who had just registered and doesn't know how to do anything.
When Hali began playing runescape she didn't even know how to walk. She asked Nick for help and all he did was call her a Chooblet!
by LoveMeOrHateMeURNeverGonnaBeMe September 08, 2010
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See also: Choob, Choobleteer, Chumpleteer, Choobletard.(And Pluralities)

Generally denotes RuneScape (old version).

1. Denotes low skilled PK'er (player killer) who can't even cook Tuna, and begs Lobbies. Plural is "Chooblets", which denotes large group of PK'er 'tards running loose in old version RS Wildy and acting like a "clan". (Chooblet Clans)

2. RS Players with no actual usefulness, unless they drop decent items when they die, while you ARE trying to do something useful in the old Wildy, like mine Addy, Coal, or Rune.

3. Same as Choob, just a more derogatory terminology, also denoting MORE stupid or lame than general Choobness. Meaning basically: "A Really Wannabe Choob"

4. Can SOMETIMES denote a Female player, depending on situation and group. Otherwise "Stoofu" or "Stoofubartard" is used to tell them to shut up (STFU).

See also: Choob(s), Chooblet(s), Choobleteer(s), Chumpleteer(s), and Choobletard(s)

Time Definition: All loosely used by Frog_Stomper prior to new RS.
Dude, why is it every time I go to the coal pile on the east side, some Chooblet is sitting there just camping for a miner?

Total no skill Chooblets out there tonight, time to hit the Fally Dwarf mine with the other Choob Auto-Miners.


Forget it, there are about 500 Choobletard clans running around out there tonight, no Wildy mining for me.

Dude, tell the Chooblet Chick to Stoofubartard herself for me
by TheBigGiz August 22, 2008
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