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Noun. The superior word for particular fruit that many lesser philosophical individuals would refer to as a banana. Plural noun: Chom choms
Having a chom chom every now and then is healthy. Chom choms tend to be yellow or green. Make sure to unpeel a chom chom before you eat it.
by Millcore IronGear August 29, 2016
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The amazing alternative word for 'banana' invented by Hank Green at Crash Course because hey, language is weird and if Gretchen can make "fetch" happen we can make "chom choms" a thing.
Normal Human: OMG stop trying to make 'chom choms' happen.
by L-013 August 30, 2016
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v- to be embarrassed for someone else to the point that you can feel his/her pain.
I had the chom choms for Matt when i saw him in his spandex suit.
by Matt Cahn March 22, 2007
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That feeling you get deep inside your gut when someone does something completely embarrassing (even though they feel know embarrassment whatsoever)
Dumbass: "Haha I'm so WASTED!!"

Observer 1: "She does know that is non-alcoholic beer, right?"

Observer 2: "I dunno man... all I know is I'm feeling some major chom choms
by Lil' Bexxx May 04, 2010
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