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Choggy: can be used as an adjective to describe ANYTHING that is of really low quality, useless, disgusting, worthless, lame, or annoying. It can be anything from a nasty fart, gum stuck to your shoe, a bad night out, a bad lay with an ugly chick, an unidentified piece of debris on the floor, a bad performance, a penny, an old pair of shoes no one would want to wear, a cup full of tobacco spit, a bad taste, a mess. It could go on forever.

The noun form is Chog.
Man, last night was choggy. There were no hot chicks at the bar.

I sat in something choggy and got it all over my pants.

We need to clean up this mess, it's starting to get real choggy in here.

Kenny never scores any hot chicks, just chogs.

Mike has been acting choggy lately, he's always player hating.
by J Moose July 14, 2009
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used to describe the air when there is alot of amoke in a confined, unventilated area.
Yo open a window the shed is so fucking choggy i feel like im going to throw up on myself
by cheeko February 10, 2005
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