11 definitions by cheeko

an elderly man who wanders around parking lots yelling at teenagers. usually has a story to tell
look at cool-man-cool over there giving us the finger and grabbing his nuts! hes crazy as shit.
by cheeko February 11, 2005
if your from south jersey, all you do is get "fucked-up" on PBR or Miller-light on the weekends. you wanna get out, but you still love it. you think philly is the shit. you go to wildwood after prom. you shop mainly in delaware. you dont watch real world: philly. your school probably sucks. you go to wawa at least once a week. you say "wooter". youre the only person in the tri-state area that can drive a car properly. you think that north jersey should be a diffrent state, its completely diffrent. youre proud, and you love it.
i <3 south jersey so much, i cant wait to get the fuck outa here.
by cheeko March 15, 2005
someone who is over-grown, confused, frustrated and losing the way
You're Tanka
by cheeko April 29, 2003
used to describe the air when there is alot of amoke in a confined, unventilated area.
Yo open a window the shed is so fucking choggy i feel like im going to throw up on myself
by cheeko February 11, 2005
Rachel Lesuer.
something hot.
and tizzite.
"oo muffin tits! whereever did you go!?"
by cheeko December 22, 2004
A drunk asshole who gets pulled over at 108 mph and loses his job all over his ex gf
Don't be a Johnnie
by cheeko February 11, 2017