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an elderly man who wanders around parking lots yelling at teenagers. usually has a story to tell
look at cool-man-cool over there giving us the finger and grabbing his nuts! hes crazy as shit.
by cheeko February 11, 2005
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some one or something that is clumbsy, funny looking, def chilin, or loud and boisterious
dude, look at how yaofy that teletubbie is ....hes walking like 4 miles an hour
by cheeko February 10, 2005
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A drunk asshole who gets pulled over at 108 mph and loses his job all over his ex gf
Don't be a Johnnie
by cheeko February 11, 2017
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Rachel Lesuer.
something hot.
and tizzite.
"oo muffin tits! whereever did you go!?"
by cheeko December 22, 2004
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a game in which players play in a version of tag. best played in school. in order to play follow these instructions...

1. steal something from the teachers desk, the game is most fun when the object is, a)large b)the teachers personal property or c)makes alot of noise when dropped on a tile floor
2.the person starts the game by hitting another player with the object and stating "dont die with it!". "dying with it" maens you got caught with the object and the game is over.
3.players pass object during class untill someone dies with the object.

basically you DO NOT want to die with it . i have seen players get to almost tears because they died with it. this game is most fun when someone really doesnt want to die with it, so they will go at all lengths to not die, as in hitting another player with the object and then picking it up with a tissue and returning it.
dude the whole class got written up last block for playing herp. i think the teachers are going to have a herp awareness meeting tomorrow after school.
by cheeko February 11, 2005
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used to describe the air when there is alot of amoke in a confined, unventilated area.
Yo open a window the shed is so fucking choggy i feel like im going to throw up on myself
by cheeko February 11, 2005
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