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Quirky or eccentric, but surprisingly intelligent and insightful.

Individuals who are often taken for granted, but provide invaluable help when it is needed.
"My teacher's a real chogg sometimes. Some of the stuff he rambles on about is pure genius."

"I had to call my insurance company the other day; thank God I was put through to a chogg. She was very sympathetic and extremely helpful."
by Crosshair72 February 16, 2012
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A fat fuck who has no respect for anyone, commonly racist and usually disrespects women. Chogg's are always known to be twats and are always into hardcore gay sex, but sometimes they will enjoy watching or being involved in nugget porn.
Chogg's generally are liked for no reason because their parents will have a lot of money and will pay certain 'cool kids' to be their friends.
What a Chogg I hate him so much
by RythmicRetard March 17, 2018
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