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A penis that is wider than long
Matthew I cannot fit your cock in my hand as it is a chode. Or/And Mandra could not have penetrative sex with Matthew due to his chode.
by FTGEDJDF April 27, 2017
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(n.) 1. term used to describe a penis that is fatter than it is long.
2. used to describe a contemtible, overly self-absorbed idiot who preys upon young girls.
(Usage Note: Although it has been pointed out that it may be impossible for an actual chode to exist, there are two obvious responses: (1) the measure of the fatness of a penis is circumference, not diameter, so one could clearly have a chubby penis that measured greater than its erectile length. (2) if the existence of the chode is truly an urban legend, the term still serves a purpose other than merely being duplicative slang for taint or gooch: it describes anyone who is or possesses a short, fat shlong.
Man, that guy is like 10 years older than his girlfriend. What a chode!

I'll bet that stumpy guy that thinks he's a bodybuilder has a chode.
by Chagrin94 August 10, 2005
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A penis that won't hit bottom but it sure will fuck up the edges!
His chode made my vagina sore for weeks.
by KatRebKelHol September 19, 2003
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past participle of the verb 'to chide'. Archaic.
Then bold Odysseus chode the Achaians.
by Kilkrazy September 21, 2004
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It is NOT the area between the balls and anus. That my friends is the "guch"
A "chode" is a penis wider than it is long. Also a kick-ass insult.
"Although he can't satisfy women with his chode he does recieve amazing blowjobs"
by Jeff24 July 09, 2003
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A short, fat penis of sizable girth.
When his lover removed Chad's pants, she was startled to discover an erect chode!
by Kathy Griffin October 28, 2005
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