Approximating the flavor of chocolate but not necessarily containing actual chocolate. Relating to ersatz or artificial chocolate-like substances. Apparently deemed suitable in labeling foodstuffs.
This ice cream is called "Mint Chocolatey Chip". Look at the label. There's no real chocolate in it, only "chocolatey bits". Let's buy something real!
by Eclectic Lawyer September 13, 2017
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A voice with lots of cream, really creamy sounding. Someone who sings and sounds like that feeling you get in the back of your throat when you eat too much chocolate.

*note: this is not always a bad thing.
"That dude from Young the Giant....sings superrrrr chocolatey."

"That dude from the City and Colour....sings superrrr chocolatey."
by Poopmuncher3000 December 08, 2011
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After having anal intercourse with your partner, it's what's left on your cock after you pull out.
After I came in Tina's tight ass, my penis was streaked with chippety chocolatey and it smelled bad.....
by lovetorim April 23, 2007
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a milf that only enjoys the pleasure of black men. usually forcefully makes them ejaculate in her hair, she believes it helps keep the grey away.
-guy 1: bro ive been trying to score with sean's mom but she just ain't into me wtf?

-guy 2: oh ya i heard she was a chocolatey milf! only into black dudes! sorry brah.
by katsin August 10, 2011
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The act of having diarrhea and shitting on a vagina and proceeding to watch as both parties cop ants look on in horror, or in the act of making chocolate covered rice crispy treats with chocolate chips on top with vanilla frosting.
1. “My boyfriend wanted to make me a chocolatey cunt but I was so unsure of it, after he did it we had the best night of our lives!”
2. “My boyfriend and I decided to make chocolatey cunts! It was so amazing!”
by GodMasterVinee October 12, 2017
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