Noun, used to describe a distended rectal cavity, where upon the unlucky subject has 'an accident' and shit themselves unmercifully. The result, sadly, is a bright red bulge that has poo all over it. Hence, chocolate-covered strawberry.
"Did you see that Chad took off on another holiday and left us in a lurch?"
"That chach. What are you going to do?"
"I'm going to make him eat a Chocolate covered Strawberry. Then we'll be Even Steven."
by GNox July 05, 2006
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When a man has vaginal intercourse with a woman on her period, then afterwards without cleaning his penis off, continues to have anal sex.
Dude, my girlfriend totally gave me a chocolate covered strawberry this morning.
by For the Glory of Rome September 29, 2007
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The act of pulling out a girls tampon with your teeth, dropping it in her mouth, making out and swapping it back into your mouth then proceeding to swallow it and poop it out. You now have a Chocolate Covered Strawberry to put in her mouth.
I had to pay the prostitute extra to give her a Chocolate Covered Strawberry.

My asshole hurts from making my girl a Chocolate Covered Strawberry.
by Johnny B Strawberry November 16, 2010
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Jamming you tongue so far in his/hers ass for long period of time,that by the time you pull it out it is swelled and covered in shit two thirds the way up.Thus resembling a chocolate covered strawberry.
When I was with this girl last night I had my tongue in her ass so long that when I pulled it out it looked like a chocolate covered strawberry.
by Biganimal March 16, 2008
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When you put a strawberry up someone's butt and get some poop on it. Then you have to eat the shitcovered strawberry.
Kayla: "Aw, man. That sucks."
Sabrina: "What?"
Kayla: "Tre just texted me and told me he gave my dad a chocolate covered strawberry."

Kayla's Dad: "Tre, can I have a chocolate covered strawberry again?"
Tre: "Okay, but promise you didn't eat corn the other day?"
Kayla's Dad: "Okay, I promise." *thinks: I did eat corn. Hahahaha. I like to watch him eat the corn.*
by i am cooooool. January 09, 2010
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