is a very clumsy, funny, silly, and down to earth gal. When you are with her, you'll never fail to have a good time. Somehow Lashawndra manages to make your day. A day never goes buy that she makes someone laugh. Her randomness is the best. Her common phrases are, "Not even" and "whaaat the fuuck?".
Oh oh, Lashawndra just had a moment.
by YourWifeFromU3A September 26, 2011
Lashawndra is a the type of girl you can be around for the longest and not get bored. She has a very good heart and falls in love fast. She can be a little mean from time to time but it’s only out of love . She’s a very forgiving person who learns to forgive but never forget . Lashawndra is a girl you can count on . She’s never selfish she goes out her way to make sure everybody and anything is ok that’s around her . She very funny and bi polar . She also have a way of flirting with you without you knowing . You’ll NEVER know if she has a crush on you .all in all lashawndra is very intelligent and have big career goals that she wants to accomplish. She wants to be wealthy in life and never look back on her past. She is a good friend to count on , her feelings get hurt very easily but you’ll never know it .
by Lashawndra September 5, 2019