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A Chocolate Waffle is a term to describe defecating onto a laptop and shutting the lid, preferably while on. Chocolate refers the the most likely color, and waffle refers to the keyboard pattern left in the hot, crispy, stinking surface when the laptop is opened.

Primarily done as revenge or a drunken practical joke, and likely takes place in a professional office or academic setting.

n. Referring to the defecation substance itself.
v. The act of defecating on a laptop with the intent to close the lid.

See also UpperDeck
Jay knew about the impending layoffs, so in the time before he got called into the conference room for 'The Talk,' he crept into his boss' office and left a nice, rich chocolate waffle in his laptop.
by SidJihad November 05, 2013
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A chocolate waffle is when you take a steamy turd on a girl's chest and then hit it with a tennis racket. SPLAT!!! Chocolate Waffle.
I caught my girl checking out some dudes at the bar, so I gave that cumdumpster a chocolate waffle.
by Joey T. September 08, 2007
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the act of putting the penis through a waffle and into the butt of the partner, afterwards eat the waffle
That girl last night gave me a Chocolate Waffle, the waffle was gross, but the rest was amazing.
by cudycudikins February 05, 2011
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