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A chocken is like a chicken only mightier. They are large and strong with giant pectoral muscles, and feet with a hundred toes. They are a menace, and cannot be slayed by an ordinary human being. Only one with strength and courage, one who posesses the Sword of Truthiness, can slay a chocken.
by Chocken Slayer April 24, 2010
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Chocken: In 1600's England, after a gentlemen drenched a maiden in semen (potentially multiple gentlemen at once), he would often shake chalk dust upon her to dry her body of the juices. This was done when the amount of semen was far too copious to use handkerchiefs to be wiped up. The term chocken was used to describe the women seen with the white powder on them as they roamed the streets post-coitus. This was considered a positive term used when the lady walks alongside with the gentleman as the observer would complement the man by addressing the woman "looking chocken today" whilst making eye contact with her accompanying gentleman and tipping his hat to him, acknowledging his massive loads and abundant virility.

Interestingly, the typical response from a woman in those days to any speak of carnal acts would be to blush, but it was rare to see such a response from a chocken woman. It was later discovered that they were indeed blushing, but the large amounts of chalk on their cheeks blocked the ensuing red hue of their blushes.
Allanabel: "Did you see how chocken Mabel looked this morning?"

Nathaniel: "Don't get any ideas my dear Allanabel. You know I'm far too dehydrated in the mornings to produce such jizzums and make you properly chocken. We must wait till I've had my high noon tea!"
by SixFoot6 August 01, 2017
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