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The Chiss are a species of blue-skinned, black-haired near humans with glowing red eyes in the Star Wars universe. Originating for Csilla, they are thought to have been descended from colonists of an Ol-Republic sleeper ship.
Grand Admiral Thrawn was the greatest tactical genius and the only non human (Chiss) Grand Admiral ever to grace the Empire and Imperial remnant.
by He.Ate.My.Heart July 24, 2010
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perform a backstreet abortion on a girl after accidentally getting her pregant then eating the evidence (foetus). also called "doing the chiss" and "chissing the bitch"
what happened to you, i thought you were pregnant?

i was but i got chissed out the back of woodsides
by bobby ballsmutter January 24, 2007
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- verb or noun. The act of spontaneously vomiting while urinating, often as a result of prolonged over-consumption of alcohol (a contraction of 'chunder' and 'piss').
"How was last night?"
"Well, I drank at a fairly unsustainable pace for several hours and then ended up chissing myself."

"Why does your cock smell of vom?"
"Must just be a bit of splash-back from the chiss I had before."
"Haha, bring it here then you bloody chiss-head."
by ainsy1987 May 16, 2010
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