A high school where if you need a nicotine fix, just go to the bathroom. A school where nobody gives a fuck and brings their vapes even after they’ve been suspended and fined for it.
Man I love Chippewa Highschool because I can spend my lunch time vaping with other kids in the bathroom.
by WhoGotTheJuug February 1, 2018
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A Western NY phenomena; the so-called "Chippewa Guido" represents an amalgamated term used to disparage a group of men who walk the line between homosexual and heterosexual and who frequent the ale houses along West Chippewa St. in Buffalo, NY. As the name implies, this group is represented by "men" of roughly Italian origin however, in recent years some of both Middle Eastern and Latino decent may also join their ranks based on considered adoption of meterosexual fashion.

A Chippewa Guido can be recognized by several key traits. The first is hair gel - the more the better. The second is that they are inordinately loud, and will scream at helpless televisions despite the fact that the people on the TV cannot hear them. Third, they talk about their sexual conquests incessantly.

As to mating, one or more Chippewa Guido's will often attempt to approach on a single lady or group of ladies and will then will attempt to enthrall them using a semi-erotic courtship display. The prevalence and success of such acts weather or not they result in coitus are used within the group establish pack-dominance.
Roger : I fucking hate this bar, it cost me 10$ to get in and the whole place is stuffed with sausage.

Helen : It's not as bad as you think look at the Chippewa Guido’s over there. I don't think they are a threat to you.

Roger : Your thinking sword fighting ?

Helen : I'm just saying. When men hook up, you win. I mean look at this place there are more men than women, but most of these dudes are probably going home together.

Roger : You make an excellent point, but I really don't like the way that Turkish dude is looking at my package. Let's get the fuck out of here.
by Darker January 21, 2010
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A brand of luxurious tractors sold exclusively at the Chippewa Valley tractor dealer located just outside of Cornell, Wisconsin.
My Chippewa Valley has a trubo diesel, and a huge tank of pesticides.
by Rardin Din Dardin March 4, 2008
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we just passed through Chippewa Falls.

so that cult is called Chippewa Falls?
by quasar1892 December 30, 2011
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Chippewa Girls are easy to spot because of there good spirit and nature.

Chippewa girls are hard to beat. They've got 100 per from head to feet. They've got that smile, that style that winning way...when you look at her you'll recognize her and you'll say, now there's a girl I'd like to know. She's got the good old Chippewa pep and go! Just to be with her is quite a treat its hard to beat a Chippewaa Girrl! They will come on the run in the rain or in the sun they're girls of camp chippewa! Their hair is always combed and their teeth are always brushed and at night by their counselors we are hushed, they can swim they can ride and at tennis they take pride they're the girls from camp chippewa! keep them quiet they're the girls from camp Chippewa just you try it! they're the girls from camp Chippewaa ah ah! ah ah ah! ah ah ah!
Melissa: Hey did you see that Chippewa Girl over there? She was the energy of the room and always had a smile on her face!

Sophie: Yea I saw her...She had such a great personality and was nice and friendly to everyone there:)

Chippewa Girl: Hi everyone! I'm a Chippewa Girl!
by chippies1124 January 22, 2012
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Something that is not quite Chippewa is something unwanted in a particular, typically coercive, social setting. Something that is not politically correct and therefore stamped on by any means necessary, typically by someone who selflessly has taken it upon themselves to decide what's best for everyone else, and smiles as they do it. From a line spoken by Camp Chippewa director (Peter MacNicol) in the 1993 movie "Addams Family Values".
Why do I get the feeling there's something not quite right here? Something ... not quite Chippewa?
by Fearman March 12, 2008
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When you fart in bed and then quickly fluff the blankets - like an American Indian sending a smoke signal - so that the smell rises and passes the nostrils of your significant other sleeping beside you.
Whew...that was one stinky Chippewa Smoke Signal you sent my way last night.
by DHA0714 November 29, 2014
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