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When you're fucking a busty chick missionary style and get the rhythm going just right to get her titties swinging in a circular motion, like the blades of a Chinook helicopter.
Chinooks inbound - check your 6, bro-pilot!
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by magicmike2016 November 21, 2016
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\shə-ˈnu̇k, chə-, -ˈnük\

1. To have sexual intercourse with two pilots simultaneously.
"We were about to chinook Marlene on Saturday night, but we bailed out for fear of touching rotors."
by Rummspringa May 11, 2009
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To those making sexual definitions about this, you are the most retarded dudes I have ever met. A Chinook is a heavy, dual rotored transport helicopter that has a top speed that is almost 200 MPH. Primary use is to transport infantry and/or vehicles. In Call of duty they have replaced the little bird helicopters for the care package delivery. it is slower and is a bigger target in BO so one can shoot it down and steal the package.
*random black ops game*

Me: aw yeah, got the care package

enemy: *shoots down chinook*

Me: you son of a bitch!
by Ultimate_Zealot August 09, 2011
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The female equivalent of the Helicopter. When a woman spins her breasts around like the two rotors of a Chinook
"Damn dude, she spun her tits like a Chinook yesterday at the party!"
by TheProgrammer March 24, 2014
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When a warm breeze blows. Specifically when flatulence is emitted in the midst of a rim job.
The rimmer that Misty gave me last night was so good that I gave her a Chinook.
by wowzermacdowzer June 24, 2016
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A rotary winged aircraft (helicopter) produced by Boeing/Vertol, it is very distinctive, having two counter rotating rotors rather than the main rotor/tail rotor setup of most helicopters. A powerful heavy-lifter, the first version introduced during 'nam could carry about six tons, the latest versions (e, f) can carry over twelve. The aircraft is designated CH-47. (CH stands for Cargo Helicopter)

The sound of a chinook is very distinctive, like some enormous jackhammer, a penetrating basso thunder that can be heard miles away, and makes the earth shake when the aircraft passes close by.
The platoon was flying into Iraq on a ch47 transport.
by Dirge September 19, 2004
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