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While playing the game WipeOuT online, there are times where you may feel your head starting to ache.
This symptom should be your first signal that a Chinook is approaching.
As your blood pressure rises, your vision begins to blur; and then you hear "Contender Eliminated"
Before you could make it to the next shield rejuvenating big red X . . . .you have been DESTROYED.
As hard as you try, you can't catch up to the other pilots & ultimately finish in last place or worse: DNF
This is what it means to be "Chinooked"
I was playing WipeOuT last night & Kronic Chinooked this guy so hardcore he rage quitted.
by Luedism January 03, 2014
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When you get played and lose out badly at something. Like finessed or bamboozled.
"Bro! You just got chinooked in CoD!"
by biggiecheeseinthehouse January 04, 2018
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