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A character on the popular YouTube channel TVFilthyFrank who wears a black body suit and has eyes drawn lazily on top of his eyelids. He often speaks in complete gibberish and Japanese, often repeating the words Chin Chin. Chin Chin also translates to penis in Japanese which is was used as a joke in the naming of Chin Chin.
Please lord Chin Chin, please give me more time for chromosome blood.
by ComradeHarls January 31, 2015
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1) Italian (and sometimes French): 'Cheers!' Derives from the sound of the glasses clinking together.

2) Japanese: Penis. Cause of much puzzlement when Italians travel to Japan, or when Japanese travel to Italy.
Italian guy: OK, here's to our time in Osaka. Chin chin!

Japanese guy: I beg your pardon?
by Paddy J September 11, 2006
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1.) That one Asian kid who's better than you at everything, but also too nice to get mad at. She stresses on tests only to get 110%. Everybody knows her name and you can use it to flex your connections.

2.) A mysterious person who you know is hiding a massive dark secret. Most likely plotting the end of the world while posing to be innocent and loving
"Yeah, my FRIEND Chin Chin helped me with my homework"
"Oh Chin Chin? She's super smart!"
by Julenium April 09, 2019
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A synonym to cheers. Though it is, unlike the more universal term "cheers", only used when taking in beverages.

This uttering would for the most part be considered posh.
In more formal parties one could raise his/her glass facing another person, and say: "chin-chin" before drinking.
by Poul Erik July 13, 2006
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watashi no chinchin wa ooki desu.

My penis is big.
by Taylor November 12, 2003
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A delicious snack cookie originating from Nigeria
'at our Nigerian parties, every table will have a paper plate filled with chin chin'
by Laety April 19, 2006
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used as a salutation or toast; used most commonly among Italians/Libyans

synonym: cheers
Diya raised his glass for a toast then as the table fell silent he eloquently said "Chinchin", with many smiles and a few tears as a result.
by 3mak February 13, 2009
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