4 definitions by shea gilly

1.)Hottest mutha-fuckin shoes with the illest mutha-fucking materiaoo. Nelly wurrs them and they beez hot.when u cop dem , all da ladies beez like " look at that hot ass brotha in his gucci Err forces. Off Da Chain.
2.)yo when you be coppin dem shits it beez like madd craze. you get the air forces and a square of dat gucci then you take yo ass to the tailors and make his ass put that shit on your shoes. they only 170 bills playa. i got 2 purr of em.
3.) this defenition was brought to you by 2 white dudes
gucci air force ones are the illist fuckin shoes dat one playa couls cop. you can get that shit in all the newist and illist colaz
by shea gilly January 24, 2004
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1.the man!!!
2.he never fucking stops yelling all the time. whenever he talks he yells.
but that is awesome
by shea gilly January 24, 2004
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1.Gayest fuckin rapper of all time
all his faggot ass songs blow and he raps about nothin just sayin random wannabe gangsta shit
2.loves to smoke the pole
chingy loves to smoke the pole
chingy fuckin sucks ass at rappin
by shea gilly January 14, 2004
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tha funniest fuckin' rap dance eva. when a black person (because white people cant do it) brings his hand to the opposite sholdea to perform a dustin' motion, as if there were something there.
o shit yo, madd hataz on tha left so u gotta dust off 'da Hataz
by shea gilly January 14, 2004
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