Fuck your mother! Highly offensive to say the least. Not to be used unless you're ready to fight.
by Professor50 August 14, 2003
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a MEXICAN way of saying 'Fuck you mom'
not offensive to anyone else, but a Mexican.
Mexican: Chinga tu madre!
Spanish speaker who is not from mexico: que?
by !important October 22, 2003
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Literally means "fuck your mother" when using it as an offensive way.

1.- It can also be used as a funny way like when a friend suddenly wakes you up with a cold water splash or a big slap.

2.- In formal conjugated spanish (thou) is expressed as "chingue su madre!" used to hurry things up and rushing them randomly or finishing them in a lazy way, or trying to finish a task to do something else whether they are well done or not.

3.- Also expressing "holy shit!" or "oh my god!" after a surprising event happens such running after a prank or watching some

4.- When you dont believe something a good friend of yourself is telling you.

It depends on the sound and the phonetics, for #1 it can be accompanied of laughing, for #2 using a lazy and mediocre tone, #3 for a surprised and hurried way (sometimes with running) and #4 as an incredulous amusing and sarcastic tone....use the right ones so you dont get your arse kicked or piss people off or they think you're a boor.
1.- Chinga tu madre!!! me despertaste!!! (Damnit dude you woke me up!!)

2.- Chingue su madre asi como quede lo hago (Fuck it, whatever..it doesnt matter how I finish the job..)

This gringo's yard is still not finished...chingue su madre dejalo asi! (screw it, leave it like it is..)

3.- You spank some hot chick walking with a very strong dude and run away "chingue su madreee correle!" (run run!)
or you see this car crash or a very hard hit in a fight and say "chingue su madre!! ese estuvo duro!" (holy shit that was a tough one!)

4.- Hey amigo I fucked 10 girls yesterday!!....Hahaha chinga tu madre!!! si como no... (LOL as if dude, fuck off!)
by BorderBunny04 September 25, 2006
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In most part of Texas chinga tu madre means "fuckyou"
I dont like you bitch. Well then chinga tu madre I don't like you either puta.
by Alejandro March 4, 2005
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Fuck your whore of a mom! Basically, Fuck you, Son-Of-a-Whore ...
Chinga a tu puta madre Chinga a tu madre chingue a su puta madre
by Cixaxu March 9, 2016
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