To injest alcohol through the nose via snorting, in order to get the alochol into your system quicker. Often done out of the concave bottom of a shot glass.
That chilly willy was fun huh? wait...get up, why are you passed out?
by Jeremy November 3, 2003
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The most iconic building on the Chicago skyline, the Chilly Willy stands at a towering 108 stories.
Was formerly known as the Sears Tower, but became dubbed the Chilly Willy after Sears sold the tower to the Willis Group, a British insurance brokerage, much to the dismay of the new owners.
Friend 1: Hey Dawg, want to go down to the Sears Tower Skydeck tonight?
Friend 2: Didn't you hear? Sears sold the tower, it's officially the Chilly Willy now.
Guy 1: Hey, how long is the line to the skydeck?
Willis Group Employee: Excuse me, I believe you meant to ask how long the line is to the WILLIS tower.
Guy 1: Hah, Chilly Willy
Willis Group Employee: Please don't call it that
by countDantes February 4, 2015
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When a man sits on the toilet and the tip of his penis rubs against the cold inside of bowl, or possibly even the water. This could also be known as a Tip Dip.
"Time to drop some plop" *sits down* "Oh no! I got a chilly willy! I hate that!"
by Oh Yeah! Teh Cap'n! August 24, 2008
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An electronic and dance mashup artist from Portland, Oregon. Beloved by many, he has yet to gain exposure, but his music is beyond comparison.
Last summer I was feeling good so I got silly with Chilly Willy over the three day weekend.
by chilywillyfan September 3, 2011
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A game played by men where you put your willy on a chilly block of ice and the last man with his dick on the ice is declared victorious
Yo nibba wanna go play some of dat chilly willy my boi Johnson got a real cold one this time
by Generalbutboi69 May 16, 2018
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When one's sex partner sucks on an ice cube, drastically lowering the temperature of their mouth and tongue, prior to giving you oral sex.
LaFawnduh gave me a chilly willy in the bathroom on the bus to Detroit. That's when I knew I was gonna marry her.
by dcf68 June 24, 2006
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Chilli Willies are chilllies that naturally grow into the shape of willies from the infamous Chilli Willy Plant.
You can grow Chilli Willies from seed.
by June 28, 2009
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