when beer drinkin, playin pool, listenin to Nelly, seein titties, fuckin drunk bitches, dancin on tables, fallin down, gettin high, doin things you'll regret, talkin shit you'll never back up, hangin out with your best friends, gettin wasted, and passin out are all combined into one night you'll never remember.
"Hey motherfuckers, its Friday night, lets get drunk and naked cuz its CHILL TIME!!!"
by The Boys of 2009 March 13, 2008
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Chill Time is the name given to time difference between when one noticed a new friend request on Facebook to when one actually accepts it. This is a new phenomenon because of how mobile devices can alert you any time any where of a new request. Depending on the person, chill time may last anywhere from an hour, to several days.
"Dude, I totally just got a friend request from Amber."

"did you accept it?"

"Nah dude, I'm gonna give it a little chill time. Say maybe a couple of hours."
by SS&C Productions April 19, 2010
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A chill get together at a house in the woods on a hill, usually in the summer. Not quite a grogery. Activities include Rolling Rock, beer pong, music, having all who drank throw up, Rolling Rock, Satanism, Rolling Rock, homemade pizza, Rolling Rock and a little bit of Blue Moon. It is often followed by a cold, quiet morning of being in the house without the owner present, defecating, and getting woken up for no reason.
Chill Friend 1: Hey you gonna drink some Rolling Rock and have a chill time tonight?

Chill Friend 2: Abyssus byssum invocat, amen.

Chill Friend 3: I'm leaving.
by horse3000 June 16, 2012
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That time of the day where you finally get to rest and cool off
Man... I ain't got no chill-time, gotta keep hustling 24/7.
by K Supreme December 23, 2018
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A time, to clear your head from all the shit thats going on in your life
Man, my life is fucked up, i need some chill time to think about everytthing
by Dariana ( Dar-ri- anna) May 14, 2008
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The expected amount of time to just lay around and chill after receiving an orgasm.
We'll bake cookies later Trisha, right now let me have my post-blowjob orgasm chill time.
by jesustitz December 21, 2010
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When it seems like a later time than it actually is
Damn, it’s only 3 pm? I’m experiencing some serious time chill
by Cognitoguy January 10, 2019
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