A sick fuck that likes to have sex with little kids!

All rapist and molestors should burn in hell and get their head chopped off haha.
Nick: Hey Sally! Wanna okay a quick game in my room?

Sally: Sure! What’s it’s about?

Nick: well… it has simple rules. All you have to do is keep you’re clothes off ;)

Sally: Uhm… okay :)

As you can see Nick is a fucking Child Molestor <3
by hajjagain? January 29, 2022
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One who engages in child molestation, often used synonamously with pedophile while actually being quite different. Most child molestors will be pedophiles, yes, but you don't need to be attracted to someone to have sex with them, as many young women will tell you of old rich men. It can be done to fulfill a need to inflict violence against children or those unable to defend themselves, to get a thrill out of being bad and breaking the law, to 'try it out', to make money off distributing an illegal video, to get back at someone, to scar the kid and possibly make him a psychological dependant, or to hurt the parent of the child.

A child molestor is a person who has sexual intercourse with an invidual under the local law's age of sexual consent. Usually refers to a legal adult, though a much older child can also be guilty of it.

The laws are in places as societies deem children to be mentally and emotionally too immature for sexual intercourse, leading them to be manipulated and unable to protect themselves from being hurt and scarred by the experience.

One wonders why similar restrictions are not applied as adamently to the mentally handicapped, the emotionally insecure, the easily influenced mentally immature sheep, and the stupid.
Frank is a pedophile, but has not acted on his secret desires, so he has not yet become a child molestor.

Joey was desperately horny and could not control himself. No woman would have him, so despite wanting big tits and a shapely mature body, he settled for raping a kid and threatening her to keep it a secret. He is a child molestor and he will be arrested and convicted if justice prevails.

All my sympathy for the plight of pedophiles dissolves the second they cross the line of the law and touch a child. They cease to be tragic heroes and become child molestors, bastards with no self control or respect for the democratic political system for which we set forth the freedoms available to us for mutual benefit.
by Jordan Hill September 25, 2005
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This is the cruelest thing you could say to someone. No matter how lightly you saw it, Jesus will come back and shred the soul of your victim.
(Stephan is talking trash to you.) Stephan, all your ancestors child molestors!
(Jesus wakes up for a third time and slices Stephan into pieces.)
by 7CrunchyNuggets April 5, 2018
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