2 definitions by hajjagain?

A girl that can be funny, smart and badass. She’s literally hilarious at sometimes and could be mean when she wants to. After all she is a bad bleep ;)
Hajja: Hey Romeil-

Romeily: Get away from me Hoe.

Hajja 😂
by hajjagain? January 29, 2022
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A sick fuck that likes to have sex with little kids!

All rapist and molestors should burn in hell and get their head chopped off haha.
Nick: Hey Sally! Wanna okay a quick game in my room?

Sally: Sure! What’s it’s about?

Nick: well… it has simple rules. All you have to do is keep you’re clothes off ;)

Sally: Uhm… okay :)

As you can see Nick is a fucking Child Molestor <3
by hajjagain? January 29, 2022
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