The reason Nike can sell you those running shoes for twenty bucks VAT included.
I love child labor, I support it as I can purchase products for cheap prices and still where branded items. What a perfect combination.
by thebigpenis42069 January 31, 2017
The Act Of Charitable Giving
Man, Child Labor is Amazing
by AntiDepressant September 7, 2022
1. A show on broadway about cats trafficing cocaine while touching martha stewart's taint.
2. The little nome that lives between samantha McAvoy's breasts.
anthony: " Watup little child labor? are they clean today? shizzam"
by Stacia Perry Eaton February 11, 2004
On May 4, people will boast about how much school sucks, and how it's literally unmissable,
Prepare to vandalize, terrorize, and infiltrate schools, for it is National Child Labor Day
by Picachu456 November 17, 2021