May 4 is the best day to be born and you should he happy you were born that day
by ashleythedon April 17, 2020
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People born on this day are shy, talkative, creative, beautiful, sexy, tall, and very special. If you meet a girl born on this day, never let her go she will make you feel like the most special man on earth and love you forever. Be careful with her because she will fall in love fast, and when she does she expects it to last forever. I you do break up with her keep in mind that she will still like you and try to get you back. She may also be jealous when you find someone new so be warned. But she is the best person you’ll ever meet so hold on to her.
Guy: OMG she’s hot! 🥵

Other guy: Yea she is, she must have been born on may 4!
Guy: Your totally right
by Clementine_69_(*_*) December 14, 2019
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National be a simp day. All guys have to absolutely simp out on any girl, a friend or a gf.

Be the biggest simp and treat her rightttt

“Ah it’s May 4, gotta simp hard today.”
by Randomlove45710 May 3, 2020
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Person 1: ''Hey guess what?''
Person 2: ''What''
Person 1: ''Star wars day!''
Person 2: ''Star wars day! its May 4th?''
Person 1: ''May the Forth be with you.''
Person 2 : ''Ohhh.''
by tillythesillyboiaf November 9, 2019
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May 4 is national Fingering day, the day where your lover can finger u at any time. This is a good day for men because on April 27th it was national grab dick day., men get out there and get ya revenge
Guy: hey bae remember when u grabbed my dick on national grab dick day

Girl: yeah why?

Guy:'s may 4th also known as national fingering .I get my u
by Znznnbsbxbxbxb x April 29, 2019
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If you were born on this day you are the dumbest crackhead out of your friend group
Wow your birthday is on May 4 that explains why your a crackhead
by Don’t doubt me November 1, 2019
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On this day a fucking badass was born. They're the funniest fuckers ever, be grateful if you know someone born on this day.
bob: wow he's so cool
tom: yeah, he was born on may 4
by trashthetrashmouth October 24, 2019
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