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Chika has an amazing personality. He/she is considered as an awesome person who does extremely well in every he or she does. She is very understanding and relates to all kinds of people.

He/she is a very good relationship material with attributes of loyalty, kindness and is free from a forms of jealousy.

Even though Chika might seem quiet and shy at first glance, after getting to know Chika, they will become very talkative and noisy.

Chika is very tolerate if people's behavior but if taken for granted, they become vicious and turn straight to bitch mood around that person.
But in general, Chikas are really needed so that the world could be a better place for everyone.
That person is so kind and understanding, his name must be Chika
by Fishbones October 17, 2018
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A sexy latina. Alternate spelling of "chica", Spanish for "girl".
Dayumn, that there is one spicy chika!
by ShAdOwZ May 24, 2009
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Being Taken for granted, it means something bad and bossy in general.

Adjective chikish
why you dey Chika me now
you too dey Chika jare

Baba ja joo, you dey Chika
by Femi Patricia June 8, 2019
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1. an variation of w00t

2. bawh chika wawh wawh
1) dude 1: hola3 is out man
dude 2: OMG chika chika

2) chick: omg ur so sexy
dude: oh yeah chika chika
by angel of darknes November 8, 2007
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is a girl whos very hip,crazy and fun loving,all the guys love to be with her.shes one of a kind.
me and ma best friends are known as the chika girls.
by angelic devil September 8, 2010
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Chika's are very short boys/girls that are "cute" and considered awesome. They are very smart and mostly are found with friends. They are atheletic and are always trying to entertain their friends. They take on any challenge given to them especially by their friends. Chika's are rare, loyal creatures but often dont have a mate but are surrounded by friends.
"That Chika's is so cute, but he is too short for my type."
by Jordan Salmon Ramsey September 12, 2016
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