legendary gangstar and hip hop legend from Brisbane, Australia.
"Me and chico were in a cafe once and some guy dropped a spoon... Chico flipped out and killed the whole town!"
by Frankie and the maddog January 07, 2005
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Dad, Just Dad.....
He is my Chicos
via giphy
by IamNUTTY December 05, 2017
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A piano playing white person who thinks he/she is mexican and tries to play music.
The show was cool except for that Chico on the piano. Friggin aweful!
by 60mm June 02, 2006
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any amazingly disgusting tuft of chest hair that enjoys its own identity separate from its owner, a siamese twin of sorts.
examples of a chico include but are not limited to Paul, yankee fans, degenerate gambler
by notabroha October 06, 2007
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Sagebrush. Scrub oak. Desert flora
Akin to out in the boondocks
"Hey, he's way out in the chico's, man!"
by Rusty Armor August 28, 2011
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