Some good bud that’ll get you high for the low$
“I just copped a QP of some Chico”
“Man that Chico had me off my ass last night”
by Clvron September 15, 2020
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Awesomely chocolately jelly baby!

Don't confuse it with a Chiko, which is equally as awesome, but in a very different flavourgory.
Most people don't like Chicos, but I can destroy a fuckload of them on a daily basis!

Ingesting a few Chikos, really does not leave much room for Chicos... :(

What?!?! There's no such thing as a Chicko, you fuckin' numpty! Leanr to spell!!!
via giphy
by Pawwwwwtaaaaa August 07, 2019
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Little town full of inbreds and rednecks if you are from this town your mom is most likely your dads sister and Chico can never win against little town alvord KCA FUCKERS
Chico sucks ass
by Chico licks ass May 31, 2018
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A V-Neck loving, irrefutably strange sociopath. Can't resist the urge to stick his dick in everything that moves, and stick everything that moves inside of his anus. He's never clean shaven and is proud to claim Chris Hansen as his counterpart. If you ever see a Chico in a dark alley, ask him a question. If he answers quickly, talk to him and you might make it out alive. If he pauses before answering, RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!
I've seen a Chico before, and I'd rather head butt a belt sander than see him again.
by A pear of apples September 09, 2017
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A 25 year old who lives with there dad and can’t hear for shit ,and he got no job and still a virgin and does anything for chips and burgers
Yo Chico when you moving out , Chico: huh?
by Liljojo October 18, 2019
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