A really cool dog. Everyone at the dog park knows his name, because he is just that awesome.
'Everybody loves Chico.'
by anonymous September 29, 2004
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Term used mostly for male Latinos residing on the east coast, but also used around the US. This term was taken mainly for the prominent presence of Cubans and Puerto Ricans in the area. It contracts the use of ESE by many Mexican Americans, and sometimes is used by a male Latino to differentiate his non Mexican or mostly Caribbean and south American roots
Latino heritage rappers from the east coast called themselves chico or lil' chico, and include this term in the songs where a chicano rapper might had included ese or an African American might had included nigga.
by jicb June 08, 2009
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chico is another term for cocaine, widely used term in scotland for the drug. also known as ching chong. and charlie.
hey man wanna line of chico?
by opy November 08, 2004
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Runner up of the X-Factor.
All round rubbish musician and ugly guy.
Chico can't write any songs and isn't a musician.
He is rubbish.
by miss_elaine May 26, 2006
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