Slang term for Mexican male. Currently morphed into "Chicano" (Agglutination of Chico + Americano). The term itself is probably derived from "Chicomoztoc" meaning "seven caves" in the Nahuatl (Aztec) language. It is believed that the Mexicans (Aztecs) originated near (or at) Chicomoztoc (seven caves.)
Hey, did you see Chico and the man last night?
by Aec August 15, 2003
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curious crowd of youngsters hanging about, talking amongst themselves, probably smoking something or reading a poem
Those chicos who hang out under the tree by my window kiss each other at midnight.

¿Gustan un vino tinto chicos?
by Alberto Duarte June 08, 2009
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A really cool dog. Everyone at the dog park knows his name, because he is just that awesome.
'Everybody loves Chico.'
by anonymous September 29, 2004
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A Hard 9-5 Worker Who Obides By The Law And Takes Care Of His Family. He Doesn't Do Drugs But Will By His Girl An Once Of Weed. He Minds His Business, Acts His Wage And Doesn't Put On For The Gram. Chico Plays A 6 Pick A Few Times A Week At The Bookie.
Him: I Wonder What Chico Does
Other Him: Chico Just Does Chico
by Chee - Ko March 13, 2017
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