A friendly chant used by Broadneck High school to throw off opposing teams in the sport of basketball.
Matt: Great game today but I could tell the chicken parm chant got in your head.
Greg: I know right! It’s so harmless but effective. Broadneck is the only school to do it too, which is good because now we don’t have to listen to it ever again.
by BigTasty244 February 21, 2020
The Process of having sex on the beach and whilst in the middle of intercourse removing the penis breading it with the sand of the beach and reinserting thus resembling a chicken parm sandwhich.
Dude i would totally chicken parm that chick at Q9
by redbull April 20, 2005
A chicken parm is the sexual act in which a male has sexual intercourse with a femal while she is menstruating. Before the male finishes, he takes his blood covered penis out of the vagina and paints the females vagine red with the blood. He then ejaculates on the blood covered vagina. Cheese = ejaculate. Sauce = blood. Vagina = meat.
Not only did I have sex with her, but i chicken parmed the shit out of her.
by TheSexWizzard December 14, 2010
When someone completely lacks a personality and only likes the most basic, widely loved things. If they were at a restaurant, they would order a chicken parm. Every single time.
Stacey: Yeah, I love the Chainsmokers and this cool tapestry on my dorm wall! I think I’m gonna order a chicken parm.

Sasha: (thinking to herself) God, she's such a chicken parm bitch.
by sashab April 24, 2017
In networking terms, the little well-known eighth layer of the OSI reference model.

Layer 8 -> Chicken Parm
Layer 7 -> Application
Layer 6 -> Presentation
Layer 5 -> Session
Layer 4 -> Transport
Layer 3 -> Network
Layer 2 -> Data Link
Layer 1 -> Physical

Normally, during troubleshooting procedures, a problem can be broken down and categorized into one of the lower seven layers. When an issue is of an unknown origin, cannot be resolved, nor can it be explained, it becomes a layer 8 issue, and is pushed aside as unsolvable.
"This laptop can't connect to McDonald's Wi-Fi no matter what I do! Even an RHKTTH didn't work!"
"Dude, Layer 8 Chicken Parm issue, let's go to Panera, free Wi-Fi!"
"That's what I get for buying a laptop from wal-mafia!"
"Dude, don't be an AHOP, and drive!"
by TheDownwardSpiral November 1, 2007
The greatest sandwich ever. dsi shares it jman eats some of it. its beautiful
yo dsi! hit me up with half that chicken parm from rockys
by anonomously jman August 16, 2010