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acronym for Needless to Say, used especially in e-mail and instant messaging, similarly to LOL.

Refers to something both parties know about but are referring to.
1. NTS it sucked going to work on Monday.

2. I drank eleven margaritas last night. NTS I felt like shit this morning.
by redbull January 24, 2005
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One with the wit and intelligents of a mongofied amoeba.

Also one with a fascination about men's bellends.
That joke was written by Popeye Turner wasnt it?

Kim you are totally Popeye Turner.
by redbull February 27, 2004
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The Process of having sex on the beach and whilst in the middle of intercourse removing the penis breading it with the sand of the beach and reinserting thus resembling a chicken parm sandwhich.
Dude i would totally chicken parm that chick at Q9
by redbull April 19, 2005
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