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a peninsula near annapolis, the capital of maryland, and also the more widely-known baltimore. it links to arnold, a largely residential area, and annapolis, a small seaside city. it's a very nice place to live with an amazing school system, though about 95% of students enrolled in Broadneck high school smoke weed e'eryday. it was an intense rivalry with nearby more commercial severna park. its most densely-populated area is Cape St Clair, normally shortened to the Cape, which is less of a neighborhood and more of a maze. it has a very active party 'scene' for highschoolers and students at nearby anne arundel community college.
kid1: dude, do you want to go down to cape to chill tonight? i hear there's a party.
kid2: nah man, i'm not tryna get lost in broadneck. let's check out severna park.
by ohhhhhhhbby April 13, 2010
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A decent sized bed-town to Annapolis (Maryland's capital). Although all Broadneck residents have an Annapolis address, they know that the Broadneck Peninsula (aka "The Peninsula")is unique and is not like Annapolis. It's small...but it's not Annapolis and it's most definitely not Severna Park...otherwise they wouldn't get their own high school. As far as the high school goes...Broadneck is known for it's high achievements in all fields, music, athletics, and academics. And there's always an ongoing rivalry between Severna Park and Broadneck. Broadneck is home to Sandy Point and the 3 mile long Bay Bridge. All Broadneck kids know that Sandy Point isn't exactly the best place to swim...the water is NOT ideal, but the beach is a great place for laying out and playing frisbee. Broadneck revolves around one main road called College Parkway, which contains the Anne Arundel Community College, but technically, that end is Arnold (Broadneck wannabees). Broadneck also contain O'Laughins, a hot wing hot spot. And then there's "The Cape"...a neighborhood where they put all the people that are absolutely dying to live on the peninsula, or to have their children attend Broadneck, or whatever...bottom line is, house on Broadneck are very expensive, and so, the Cape was built...where THOUSANDS of little houses with no yards were placed...if you don't live in the Cape, I advise you not to go won't come out...
Broadneck is basically just a place where they put all the people who want to live in Annapolis...or work there or something, I dunno...most people see it as a jumble of backroads to downtown...but it's much more...
by Broadneck Resident March 19, 2005
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