Person a: "I LOVE JAE PARK!"
Person b: "don't you mean chicken little."
by dietaeyong October 21, 2018
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noun: someone who makes a big deal out of nothing; a drama queen.

verb: make a big production out of a small event.
Your mom is a complete Chicken Little.

My boyfriend chicken littled over my being 10 minutes late.
by Susan February 5, 2004
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those delicious little sandwiches that KFC once served, Containing solely, mayonaise, a fried meat square, lettuce, and a bun.
I once ate 48 of those delicious chicken littles.
by Whorehey Regula July 22, 2006
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1. A forgotten KFC offering that only people who were almost born in the 1970's remember.

2. A euphemism for doomsday preppers.
1. Laura really wished that KFC would bring back Chicken Littles.

2. Those Chicken Littles were gathering canned beans like there was no tomorrow.
by Iamarm January 7, 2014
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Convincing people something is happening… when it isn't. “The sky is fallingsyndrome.
Example: “Dude... you totally chicken-littled that prof when you busted that fire alarm... I mean shit Bra.... did you ever see anybody run so fast?”
by JD Ellis February 16, 2008
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