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The act of having someone grapple your erect penis, and twist it around in a 360 degree motion. Similar in the way you wring a chicken's neck

Also see "Chicken Roll with Mayonnaise" - This is where the Chicken Roll occurs just as the man is about to ejaculate. The penis gets let go, and spins around, spilling cum everywhere.
"How was your date with Shauna last night?"
"It went pretty well, until she gave me a chicken roll.
Luckily it was without mayo."
by mafapur April 22, 2011
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A chicken that has come out of its egg and done a Barrel Roll not a Aileron Roll or bad Cartwheel
Gosadnerson:Hez that chicken is epic its done a BARREL ROLL!!!!"
Dogsanderson:No thats called a Chicken Roll"
by Stokov April 11, 2011
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Verb, "to chicken roll". This phrase is used to indicate when you are completely and totally sick of something to the point that you never want to hear, see, discuss or even think about what you have "chicken rolled".
I ate kettle corn every night this week. I totally chicken rolled it.


My sister had sushi for lunch and dinner everyday for two weeks. She has completely chicken rolled sushi.
by Brigette Cimon December 08, 2005
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