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A chicken that has come out of its egg and done a Barrel Roll not a Aileron Roll or bad Cartwheel
Gosadnerson:Hez that chicken is epic its done a BARREL ROLL!!!!"
Dogsanderson:No thats called a Chicken Roll"
by Stokov April 11, 2011

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The turning of the nose aka "Magic Cat" of the plane so as to do a full foward roll but not to spin around and look stupid like in a Aileron Roll and not to crash into physics laws like in a Air Cartwheel
Bob:Hey did you see me to a BARREL ROLL!!!!"
Sam:No that was a bad Aileron Roll"
Bob:But the Magic Cat of the plane was INSANE"
Sam:Still a Aileron Roll "
by Stokov April 11, 2011

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