what peppy rams about in starfox constantly
peppy:sorry guys im gonna have to sit the 1 out
by poopsmith57 August 13, 2005
The act of chugging LIQUOR and liquor only from a handle on command when the proper phrase "Do a barrel roll!" is used.
Dave yelled to Teague, "DO A BARREL ROLL!" and Teague proceeded to chug half the handle of vodka.
by Teague S. November 16, 2008
The act of rolling your ship into a wall by pressing R or Z twice on the controll pad.

Usually done in Space by a foxlike pilot.
ZZ/RR into Wall/Comet/hard surface
by Flame060 February 17, 2005
A sexual maneuver, inspired by the classic N64 game, Star Fox 64.

While having intercourse in the missionary or upside down missionary position, the man firmly takes hold of the lady (preferably by the butt cheeks), and begins to log roll over and over.

Preferably, the man yells "Do a barrel roll!" or "Double tap R (or Z depending on the direction)!" or "Kiss my ass, Peppy!" as he pulls off this stunt.
I Barrel Rolled Liz last night.

Do a Barrel Roll!

I'm doing the Barrel Roll, Peppy, quit being such a dildo.
by saltybawls June 7, 2009
A sexual endeavour, usually preformed by a female, where the girl spins along an axis (from head to toe) as she is giving a man oral pleasure.
*Do a BaRReL ROLL!*

Brian Peppers often suggests this during daily dialog
by A listener February 8, 2006
Derived from Star Fox's 'Barrel Roll', the phrase is used to interrupt a person from saying something uninteresting or out of the conversation.
Person 1: That was a hell of a ride
Person 2: I mean it's a new 370z customized, you've gotta expect something worth while...
Person 3: What kind of an engine does it use? I mean I personally think with 4000 cc...
Person 1: Barrel roll.

Example 2
In a blog contest
Person 1: so I just wanted to say, screw those bastards and live your life as you want it to be.
Person 2: Today, I received the mail from my parents that Sylvie died. A drop of tear fell from my watery eyes as I reminisced about the last time I saw her. She was old. Older than I, in a dog's age....
Audience 1: barrel roll.
by Medill Journalist December 2, 2009