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an underrated beast that can play basketball, soccer, and football. takes out whole squads solo and will drop a v2 rocket in ww2. you think he is trash until he hop out with that .44
Look at my boy Chibueze grindin' on Fortnite.
by icantouchrim May 24, 2018
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A boy who thinks he's the shit. Synonym for Bitch Nigga or a pussy. Originates from Africa. Pronounced "Cha-Boo-Zee".
Lol, that guy is a Chibueze.
by rolluplikeyoucrippled June 01, 2010
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A person who takes A LOT of steroids, and is jacked up beyond belief; a beast.
1. Hey, look at that chibueze chibuezeing at baseball
2. Dude, your such a chibueze.
by Goodfeller October 06, 2007
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