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A term originating from Japan that is slang for a male who has no experience in sexual intercourse and activities.
"We have no experience so we are cherry boys."
by tanabata July 28, 2016
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A boy without any experience in love or copulation. It is Shimura Shinpachi. Pattsuan.
Virgin otaku that only hugs Otsuu-chan body pillows, Shimura Shinpachi is the embodiment of a cherry boy.
by MasterOfSadistPlanet July 14, 2018
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Military term used to describe a new or inexperienced soldier. Can also be used by Asian prostitutes to describe a virgin.
Watch out troop. The juicy girls can sniff out a cherry boy at 100 meters.
by Trav September 24, 2004
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Slow-reacting, virgin guy that girls keep in their hip pocket as guy friends to test out their social experiments, as the girl prepares to sew their oats with other non-cherry boy guys. Girls have a good personal relationship with their cherry boys and are quite protective of them, never setting them up with other girls, yet never getting romantically involved. Yet sometimes there is sexual experimentation if she allows it. But its only for practice or to gain experience.

Basically the Cherry Boys are the lower rung/first step of the Ladder in a woman's achievements.
"Why don't you go to the prom with Martin, you two are always together?"

"Oh we're just friends. I never thought of him that way. I have my sights on Jim."

"Martin's your Cherry Boy huh?"

by violentsunrise June 25, 2012
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A person, normally ginger, who has still to gain carnel knowledge of a woman.
Robin, you CherryBoy, just give her one and stop whinging about being a virgin.
by Rob Dickson June 04, 2004
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1. Cherry Boy or doutei (童貞) Is a now common English and Jappanese slang used to describe a male who has never experienced oral or anal sex (either giving or recieving) in any way, shape, or form and losing his Cherry might also be a loss of virginity for a gay male. This term Conveniently came into place due to the fact that Cherries only pop and release their fluids in the mouth unless it is crushed by hand. Losing your Cherry in the act of the Blumpkin(recieving a blowjob while you are in the process of taking a shit) would be an increadible, yet highly possible feat if you have enough money for your hooker.

2. Some great sex gods of men will cliam that you haven't really had sex until you have experienced getting a blowjob or anal dogging some adventerous chick and that losing your Cherry and your virginity are one of the same.
''Hey Rob, Did you know that Wesley just married some smoking hot conservative religious chick who would never go beyond the missionary position and baby making sex. What an unfortunatly lucky guy!''

Yeah!, I heard!, Catlin, that jizz your pants hot church girl!, I don't know wether to be jealious of him or to cry for the man He'll get hot sex but never a blowjob! And He admits he's a Cherry Boy!

'' Damn!, That must really suck to live a life without getting blown! Sex with a hot chick all the time but no dick in the mouth!!"
by BlumpkinSamurai March 26, 2012
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