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v. A term used to describe a certain marijuana smoking technique-- particularly with a pipe.

"Cherry Bombing" is used when either the lighter is low on fluid or a lot of heads are in the cycle; and the group passes the pipe without lighting it until needed.

Also works when you only have matches. Also applies to situations where you want to get a quick smoke.

After the first person lights the pipe, the weed (as any righteous pot head knows) is usually still burning. "It's cherry" means it's burning, and the ligher is not needed. By tapping the carb of the pipe the burning weed is fed more oxygen and allows more weed to catch flame. The opposite of "it's cherry" is "it's cash".

>>>In this way you can sustain a bowl without lighting it more than a few times until it is out.<<<
--Jeff: "Anyone have a lighter?"

ALL: "No." ((everyone looks around for a lighter))

--Jeff: "Found one! Sorry it was in the washer, and the fluid is almost out. I guess we'll be cherry bombing it tonight."


--Jordan: "We were cherry bombing the rest of our bag outside, it was freezing cold!"
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Cherry bombing - to light a cigarette with a joint or blunt
David - I need to light my cigarette
Joe - you can light it by cherry bombing my blunt
by Christ the 27th November 16, 2017
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