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Pronounced: Kair-ick; verb - The combination of two v-neck wearing individuals into one body. noun - Two people who never part even for sleep, especially not for sexual activity
(As a verb) You guys better stop chericing, I am about to throw up.

(As a noun) Cheric, will you please get out of the shower; or; Cheric stop using all of my horse's shampoo; or ; Cheric, the amount of calories recommended is not 450 calories a day.
by CLBR88:-) November 30, 2009
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a very thick, short girl that’s loyal. she is a great person but people take advantage of her. she is also very antisocial. she loves everyone but the people that continue to mess with her and her heart, she’ll get pissed and confront them about the situation and try to work it out. if they choose not to work it out with her, she will stop talking to them. if they choose to continue to talk/mess with her, she’ll fight them! DO NOT FUCK WITH HER!
girl: “hey Cheric, are you trying to fight?”

cheric: “ian with that talking shit, so either you step up to me and swing or shut the fuck up, fr fr dawg!”
by Cheri June 03, 2018
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